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Rocco and Juliet? At “Cerea Comics and Games” in the province of Verona

Not just tv series: Rocco’s success in Verona, on the stage of the comics fair, “Cerea Comics and Games”. With personal stories, anecdotes about comics and advice to young fans, Rocco entertained the audience from the stage and also expressed himself on the issues of consent and respect: «It is not important whether you like men or women, you must feel free to do all you like, but two persons always have to agree to do it."

On the stage of the event, Rocco appeared dressed as a "cosplayer": in "plumber" version and wearing the same costume he uses to play in a famous advertisement which has been broadcasted since the beginning of 2024 on the major Italian television networks. Microphone in hand, Rocco recounted his personal experiences as a reader of comics: «I started with Tex, Zagor, Mister No, I started with all of this – he declares in a video of the Veronese newspaper L'Arena - Then I moved on to Jacula the Vampire, The Trumpet, the Trucker I saw a bit of everything"

As the main guest of the “Cerea comics and games” event, Rocco also spoke about the statue of Juliet, the protagonist of Shakespeare's literary work, “Romeo and Juliet”: in Verona the statue of Juliet is consumed by the hands of tourists, because they touch it as a wish for good luck: «If the breast wears out, touch it elsewhere», the porn star advised with great irony.

Rocco Siffredi is often invited as a guest of honor and entertainer on stage, by the circuit of "comics and games" fairs and events, which are active in Italy. In the last two years he has participated in events dedicated to nerd culture and the world of comics and video games, also in other Italian cities, such as Vicenza and Udine, during the last months of 2023.

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