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Io, Rocco. The autobiography edited in 2006

I, Rocco. Rocco Siffredi's autobiography. Rocco has always been Rocco. As he tells in the book of autobiographical memoirs, with an ironic and funny twist: since adolescence it was enough for a woman to touch Rocco's hand to cause him uncontrollable excitement.

Rocco Siffredi explains how he put this natural erotic talent to good use, throwing himself headlong into the professional porn market from the young age.

A complex and not at all obvious undertaking, because the world of adult entertainment has always been dominated by major producers and American porn stars. But, with a series of strokes of luck and with a lot of self-sacrifice, the Italian Rocco Siffredi managed to export Hardcore Made in Italy to the world, evolving from an actor to a director, producer and entrepreneur of adult entertainment, whose success over the decades it has become legendary, thanks to: passion, humility and irony.

Rocco's autobiography was published in 2006 by Mondadori publishing and the volume is an ironic and entertaining journey into the World of Porn, through the experience of Rocco Siffredi, with which he reveals to readers the background behind the scenes and film sets of this glittering and difficult sector, which is adult entertainment and hardcore cinematography.

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